Sunday, May 03, 2009

it's 2:35 am and i am currently decompressing at home after a long night at work. i got home 20 minutes ago and now i just want to shower soon and read shit online for hours or until i fall asleep. i can't go to bed without decompressing, i need to do this before i ever go to bed. i haven't blogged about work in a while, but so much has change. i actually feel like i know what the fuck i'm doing. i've already even seen new people come and go during my short time thus far, and i'm proud of myself for making it through. while it's still pretty stressful due to all the pressure of maintaining the quality of the restaurant, it's fun at the same time. anyway, my point is now i finally feel like this is my job---it's not some random place i'm at everyday anymore. i'm even starting to get used to the crazy schedules. it's nice because my off-time and days without work fall under days of the week where i can do all the shit i want in the day and not have to deal with people. i kind of like it. i had to ride the subway the other day for front-of-house staff meeting at work. when i got on the subway at 9 in the morning, i couldn't believe how many people there were. i got so used to riding the train and never hanging to deal with rush hour. it feels nice to see a train pass by us coming from the opposite direction and it's jam packed with people. that's when i sigh and am very grateful that i don't have to deal with the "daily grind" anymore. i'm not sure if other people use this, but every morning i would stand through my crowded ass commute and just say "fuck you daily grind." but now i don't have to deal with it, and i'm okay with that. off to shower and get some shut eye. i'm working a double-shift tomorrow that have sometimes been 13 hours of work with one 30 minute break. at least i'm not sitting on my fat lazy ass all day in an office, i feel a lot healthier working on my feet.


  1. nice to hear you're enjoying your job. hope the stress is good stress and not bad :)