Friday, June 26, 2009

east village, nyc. belcourt cafe on 2nd ave and 4th street, having $5 belcourt cocktails and the special of 1/2 a dozen oysters for $10. it was around 7pm and the weather was crisp and the streets were alive with the first baby steps of summer. with not a raindrop or cloud in the sky, i sat there with my sister and blogger friend from sf, enjoying the weather and each other's company. then i got a text from my friend jess that michael jackson had died.

so, where were you when you found out?


  1. I was in Bali at a bar called Kudeta. The DJ immediately played "you are not alone" which made everybody sad.

  2. i was at work, thought it was a joke until i checked my phone. got in the car and cried a bit. Went out that night and danced to my hearts content, definitely an out of body experience. He was my hero.