Friday, October 09, 2009

am i delusional??

why do i get so surprised when i hear that people i've met assume i'm gay? i guess i'd like to think that i'm pretty low-key and seem somewhat straight, but i guess not. i've met many people who say they knew the moment they talked to me, yet there are also people who have said they had no idea.

regardless, i really need to get over it and just accept myself for who i am.


  1. i know how you feel, i don't like how people know i'm gay the first time they meet me.

  2. Think of the good side. Now the process of coming out is a lot easier. =)

  3. it's a self image issue. we have all been brought up to think being gay isn't a good thing so subconsciously we think that if people know immediately, it's not a good thing. it time you will cease to care because you know you are a 'good' person, and being gay has nothing to do with it.
    I know I've been MIA but it's been crazy lately. promise to update next week. stay tuned!
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  4. I've said to my friend, "Dude, I knew you were gay when I saw you!"

    And he got SO offended.

    Why does this have to be a negative thing?

    Why can't we just be like, "I come off gay? is it because I dress well or is it my charisma and energy?"

    "that's so GAY" is so early 2000s.