Friday, October 02, 2009

i never trust sites like yelp because people like to bitch and moan about the dumbest things. i learned this when i started purchasing stuff through amazon. i would buy something and then read the reviews that people gave it, and it would make me want to shake them violently and say please shut the hell up. some people just complained about the most minute things that i thought was so unnecessary.

anyway, because of my philosophy that people are crazy and from my previous experience with user generated reviews, i do not like sites such as yelp. well, it's about 4:20 am right now and i'm bored as hell with nothing to do, so i did a yelp search of my work place and i found this gem below:

"One curiousity I have is the idea of having the wait staff dressed like 20 year old college students. No apron, no sign that they work for the restaurant. It wasn't a big deal and for the most part they were cool and attentive. Although the little hipster Asian guy with the black rim glassed was pretty rude to me when I walked back in after going out to flag down my Fiance. Dude, I was already inside sitting with a full table of friends. A stern "Hello? Can I help you??" as if we were somehow trying to sneak in and steal something was not necessary"

haha. and what does she mean by hipster? i just have my own bummy style.

but all joking aside, i'm usually never rude.


  1. ooooooooooooo. interesting :D !

  2. At least you are now sorta famous now. LOL!


    PS: I love Yelp, sorry!

  3. They should have a yelp for daily life. I want to know what people are thinking of me!

    ..maybe not.

  4. Anonymous3:31 AM

    I like yelp and haha I just had to post that, that review is hilarious. To think you made such an impression for someone to review you! :)

  5. haha you just got your interweb fame! she's just on her period.