Friday, October 30, 2009

i'm not sure when this started, but i've pretty much always hated halloween. dressing up never really intrigued me, i think i would just not feel like myself if i did, i'm lame. i know some people really love it and have a great time so no offense to others though. but honestly, the name of the holiday should be changed to "themed-skank" day. don't get me wrong, i was born normal and dressed up as a kid (mostly just for the candy) a few times but i was too lame so i just wore my judo uniform out---it's hard being such a stereotype.

anyway, i usually try not to leave the house on halloween. i remember pretty much throughout my whole life, on halloween my family liked to turn of all the lights and we would just watch tv with the sound on low---oh yes, we were those people. kids really never came to our house in flushing, queens but when they did and rang the doorbell, we'd just get paranoid and put the tv on mute as we listened until we knew they had left. i'm very sad because this year i won't be able to continue on with that tradition since i have to work. thinking about dealing with drunks in power-charged costume mode is making my hair itch.

for some good news, i moved today. yay. i'm living in the uws and i can truly say that this is probably the first apartment that i've ever given a shit about. i have lived in some disgusting shitholes through the past few years so it feels so nice to have not just an apt, but a home. and central park is 1/2 a block away, fuck yeah. ah i love the smell of new paint.


  1. congrats on the new crib-and dinner was lovely tonight-everyone was so nice-thank you.

    as for halloween weekend, after dinner i got body slammed by a 300 lb. lunatic at the train station-had to go to ER in an ambulance, cops, the works. lay low in manhattan this weekend.

  2. congratulations on your new place. I agree on you Halloween analysis. I am not a fan of it as there's too many drunks dressed up all over town and plenty of them are looking for a fight. Come to think of it I'd add a few other holidays that fit that description!

  3. I'm weird about Halloween too. Well, I guess for one I get shy and embarrassed by dressing up, but mostly I think it has to do with the fact growing up, my siblings and I had a rotation of the same 3 costumes: clown, pirate, skunk. So we were always the same thing. Plus, my mom is European, and didn't really get Halloween so our costumes were pretty shitty. Just look at the photographic evidence here,, there's a pic at the bottom of that top post. So dumb...

  4. I am not crazy about Halloween either but always go out due to peer pressure. LOL!

    Congrats on the new place!


  5. I too had to deal with drunks all night this Halloween (bartender). But the night was complete when, on a visit to the kitchen, I discovered the waiter stir-frying shirtless alongside the waitress (in naughty cowgirl garb) grinding on (with?) the chef to Madonna. All were hammered, 'cept me, as the money was too good too fast this Halloween for boozin' with rent due.

  6. Show us photos of your new pad!!