Tuesday, November 10, 2009

does the whole "what-the-hell-am-i-doing-with-my-life/i'm-just-living-day-by-day-with-no plan/how-do-i-get-control-over-my-own-life" phase ever end?

or is this just how people spend their twenties?

anyway, the new apt is great. having 4 new roommates (including madden, my friends' lovable dog) in a new neighborhood and a nice apartment is sort of fun. living by central park is just amazing and i especially enjoy walking madden there. i'm also by the northern end of it on the west side and there are some really quiet and deserted areas of the park here. i really like nature and being outdoors so i'm happy to have that little getaway when i need.

there's also some secluded streams up here, and i love just sitting there and watching and listening to the water. living in alaska as a kid for five years and doing lots of cliche but fun outdoorsy stuff was one of the best parts of my life and i will always love doing those things. something about the sound of a river or stream always relaxes me. i mean, who cares if this stream is no wider than two feet and there's cigarette butts and empty beer cans, left from who knows when, scattered around?

i will take what i can get---story of my life.


  1. :)

    sounds great.


    good week.

  2. Sounds like the 20's to me. And some part of the 30's. Life is fluid man, it's never as clear cut as we want it to be. Just breathe deep, exhale, and let things flow as they flow.

  3. take pleasure in the little things indeed and if you can manage it, get away, I mean, really get away for a few days. turn everything off, go offline, and disappear. I tell you, its liberating and you come back totally ready for anything. you'll thank me later! ;-)

  4. Enjoy NYC!! I miss it terribly!

  5. I completely relate to this!

  6. oh man i hope it ends..i'm 22 and its already driving me crazy.