Monday, December 21, 2009

i still listen to korean music and really like a group called 2ne1. this group has four girls and i think they're all so cute (but not in a cheesy big lollipops and "look at me i'm so fucking cute" way). each one has their own thing going on and my favorite is the youngest of the group. i think she's like fifteen years old and her name is minzy. i think she's so full of talent for someone such a young age and also love the fact that she has very korean features on her face. i see her and think she's adorable, i want to hug her like she's my younger sister.


  1. grace hong7:23 AM

    Ahahahhhaah! tae you crack me up.

  2. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I'm shocked you like them (I love them too) as they are quite manufactured pop and you seem like such a hipster :P. but they have that charisma and spark.

    it's interesting you say she has the classical korean features since I always imagined something different. then again, I'm not korean and the media vs reality is always different :)