Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i don't know what the reason is but i haven't felt like blogging in a while. i guess we all just go through periods like that.

anyway after working the lunch shift at my job today in the east village, i decided to go to the angelika and watch a movie by myself. i walked over there and on the way in front of the block with that awesome new copper union building on the bowery, i saw my weed dealers walking down the sidewalk, coming towards the direction i was coming from. neither parties stopped but instead we all quickly waved and sincerely smiled at each other. i think because it's the first time i've ever randomly run into them on the street, we were all a bit surprised for a second but thought it was funny. then after the movie, i'm waiting for the b train at the broadway-lafayette stop to come home uptown and i'm walking towards the back of the platform and sitting on one of the benches is the guy i hooked up with last night (trust me, it had been a very very long time since i got any anything). he was reading and thank god he didn't see me and i was able to just speed walk my ass on by. haha i love new york, it's funny like that.