Saturday, January 23, 2010

i met Jay McInerney!

yes, the Jay McInerney. i was working at my restaurant job last night in the east village and he came in to eat. i recognized him immediately and freaked out for a little bit inside my head. celebrities and other noted people always come into my work place and i usually don't give two shits and would never ever approach them or say anything because this is nyc and really, who cares? but for him it was different---i had to say something. so as i was taking him to his table, i actually introduced myself and told him what an honor it was for me to even be in the same room as him. i think he was really surprised that i had recognized him, but he was so nice and gracious about it. then as he was leaving, he actually came up to me and shook my hand and said thank you for everything.

ahhhhh, i almost died from excitement. to have met the man who wrote Bright Lights, Big City is really inspiring and such an honor---i absolutely love that book.

thank you Jay McInerney for making my night!

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