Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sometimes i just want to blast depressing music, turn off all the lights and lie on the floor alone for hours in complete darkness. i don't know why but it's the only thing that seems to help when i get like this sometimes...

but instead i made myself go for a run to hangang, the large river that goes through seoul, and sweat out some toxins. i do feel slightly better now but i'm not sure why i'm feeling like i'm in such a funk when everything seems to be going okay thus far. i guess you can run away to a different part of the world, but some demons follow you no matter where you go. like my best friend said, i will always be somewhat "perpetually miserable."

i think i just feel drained from spending constant time with some distant relatives here in seoul because i've always just got to be "on" and happy and talkative and smile and positive and act like i give a shit. don't get me wrong, i'm very grateful for the things they've done for me here and show my gratitude in many ways, but being this constantly positive and happy person is honestly just not how i am most of the time. i just need some alone time where i can be however the fuck i want to be.

i need to be social and make some friends here on my own, i think that will eventually help.

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