Friday, July 16, 2010

back in nyc, there's nothing worse than going out and having a few drinks and then riding the subway home and then you have the urge to take a piss. it's easy to hold it for a stop or two or five, but after a certain point you know you're going to piss your pants if you don't go RIGHT NOW. then you know it's time to get the hell off the subway and onto the street when you start to do the piss dance, where you contort your body in whatever way you can to prevent the leakage. the worst part is that public bathrooms in nyc are rare so even if you get off the subway at an unknown stop to take a leak, you still have find an actual bathroom. i've experienced this nightmare countless times and i can say that it is the absolute worst.

however, one of the great things about seoul is that public restrooms are almost everywhere. whether it's a subway station, cafe, bakery or random building, finding a bathroom usually isn't hard at all. and many of the bathrooms in seoul are pretty modern and clean from what i've seen---a large percentage even happen to have electronic bidets.

then there are days like today where i have to urgently use the bathroom (the sitting down kind), and i find a pretty clean and decent one. everything seems normal up until the point where i kick open the bathroom stall and stumble onto the gem pictured below---the history of these types of toilets is not something i'm really familiar with but i do know that they are old school style.

i already have weird issues about pooping in public toilets on top of the fact that i don't have the skills to use this sort of squatting toilet. suffice it to say, i squeezed with my life for long enough to take a quick photo and sprint on to a toilet where balancing skills are not required.


  1. squatting !!!!!!!!!!

    i used to squat...until like a week before... my dad accidently caught me in the toilet squatting.....
    and he saw EVERYTHING T_T.. he told mom " remember how from a bud it grows to a flower..... just like that your son too " ...

    UGH.. now i don't squat... lol.....

  2. At least it wasn't a bidet. Those are just awkward.