Friday, August 27, 2010

i just came back from watching a korean musical titled Voyage of Life (생명의 항해) at the National Theatre of Korea. the musical is only playing for one week and stars korean superstar lee joon ki, who made his fame with the hit movie, the king and the clown.

the theatre itself is really old and beautiful inside. 90% of the audience was comprised of female japanese tourists, which was really sort of odd. most of them seemed to be in their thirties or older, and they were all going nuts with excitement. the extremely long line to take a photo with a life-size cardboard cutout of lee joon ki was ugly and out of control and i made sure to stay the hell away from it. watching all these grown women go crazy over this actor did make me wonder a few things: do these women have husbands and families at home? if so, do their family members condone their behavior? and are they as fervent with their families and loved ones as they are for lee joon ki?

anyway, i don't know what it was about the air conditioning, comfy chairs, pyrotechnics and loud-ass-singing and music, but i fell asleep after fifteen minutes. i woke up a few times here and there and tried with all my power to stay awake, but i just kept knocking out. i eventually woke up at intermission and my friend suggested we go outside for some air---we ended up not going back in.

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