Thursday, August 19, 2010

sometimes i can't help but think that it really is a small world.

on a daily basis whenever i turn on the tv, go online, read a magazine or listen to music, it always amuses me when i realize that i've met, worked with, interacted with or been in the same room as the actor, artist, musician or whatever the hell they are. this doesn't in any way make me feel cool or special, but just makes me appreciate the fact that all us humans are a lot more connected to each other than we think.

and while it's easier to feel this way with a celebrity or highly visible person, it also can work with just about anyone.

i was waiting for the subway a few weeks ago here in seoul at a stop that i had never in my life been to before, and i saw this guy who attended the same university as i did in nyc, waiting on the same platform as well. i did a double take and was 100% sure it was him. i used to see him around campus and we were never friends and i don't even know his name, but the fact that we were on the other side of the planet and waiting for the same subway at the exact same time, well, shit like that really boggles my mind. and just before when i was on the bus to go home, i saw a guy who was also on the same bus as me this morning. sure, i know that we both live on the same bus line and it might not seem like such a coincidence, but if at one point during his or my day, we had spent five extra minutes or 2 minutes less doing something, the whole chain of events of our day could've been changed, resulting in us riding the bus that came before or after the one we were on. but it didn't happen like that, and we were two complete strangers who both ended up on the same bus again in the same day at the exact same time. i don't think he noticed me because there was no reason for him to glance in my direction, but i noticed him.

events like this just solidify my belief in fate.

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