Saturday, November 06, 2010

last week, two of my very good friends and former roommates from nyc came to visit me in seoul.

words can't describe how great it felt to be able to spend time with them in korea. it was tons of fun and our days were filled with sightseeing, eating, drinking, more sightseeing, more eating and more drinking. i'm proud to say that we covered a lot of different spots and neighborhoods in seoul and am glad they were able to experience the awesomeness of the city.

they took hundreds of pictures from their camera, but here are some of my favorites. i'm very anal and like to tell a cohesive story, so of course any pics i post are always in chronological order.

thank you jenn & daniel for coming halfway around the world to see me---i miss you both dearly. also, it was daniel's birthday on the day they arrived in seoul, hence the birthday-boy glasses.


  1. Looks like you guys had tremendous amounts of fun! Nothing like having your best friends visiting when you're far from home. I know the feeling. :)

  2. haha omg these pics r great! me next! btw ill respond to ur email later this week

  3. fun! and your hair looks nice!

  4. Yay for pictures... and pictures of samgyupsal... My favorite... PS of course you know josh kim...