Monday, January 10, 2011

the anger, guilt, resentment, pain, and insecurities---i'm letting go of it all.

i have nothing to hide, i have nothing to be ashamed of anymore. i know that my sexuality has given me a lot of psychological issues, but now that everyone in my immediate family knows (whether they're accepting of it or not), i feel that phase of my life is finally over and i can move on.

it's funny how normal it feels to absolutely hate myself and everything about me for reasons that have been rooted deep into my psyche. i think it's taken me 27 years to learn how to truly love who i am and know my worth. i still have a lot of room for growth and while my personal issues and anxieties still exist, i'm choosing to focus on all the other great things in life. i've got to be more openminded and allow positive things to happen. i now know that i deserve more in life. i deserve to be happy. i deserve to live up to my full potential.

being negative and miserable all the time is just getting old and this change is much needed. i'm so grateful for all the good and the bad that i've experienced. life truly is what you make it and i plan to make it the most inspiring and fulfilling life i can have. i've been really happy this past week or so living with this new outlook and will do everything in my power to not revert back to my old ways.

i'm taking a deep breath, and releasing it all...



  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    anger, guilt, resentment, pain, and insecurities ... boy oh boy ... arent them our comerades in this life, just as joy, satisfaction, love etc ... why to reject? we are just human, such our fate ...


  3. believing in whatever it is you desire and letting in the good actually.. really... freaking'll happen and has happened. that is one thing I truly hold on to. positive vibes and an awfully lot of kudos to you. I can;t believe how far you've come. thank you for allowing us in through your words.

    p.s love the new layout

  4. Congratulations! It's a step forward, for sure.

  5. wow...i'm so happy for you, hope you keep that positive vibe isn't going to be easy, but it's well worth it. =)

  6. self awareness is an endless journey. it never stops as long as you let it!

  7. Anonymous3:55 AM

    There is no reason to feel anger or guilt at who you are. Live for yourself. Be true to what your soul tells you. The rest will fall in place.