Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last night, my closest friends and I went out for our holiday dinner. 

I first went to Astoria right after work to chill at my friend Susy's house for a little, and then we headed back into the city together. We met the rest of our friends in TriBeCa, and the six of us started our evening at Khe-Yo, which is NYC's first stand-alone Laotian restaurant ever. The entire dinner was super great, and we all stuffed ourselves with so much awesome food. Then we ended up to Koreatown and sang our hearts out for endless soju and hour-after-hour of drunken Karaoke.

I love you guys, thanks for such a great night.


  1. I love all these photos!! so much fun!

  2. mr.bobblehead5:14 PM

    haha i dont even remember taking these!