Sunday, February 25, 2018

It took a bit of time before Jess and I got furniture in our living room. We moved in together last September, but didn't even get a couch until December. Instead, the majority of the first few months at our new place was usually spent standing in the kitchen. Our kitchen is compact with no room for a dining table or chairs, but it has plenty of counter space and is where you could always find us. That's where we'd eat, drink, and talk for hours upon hours with music in the background. We laughed so much during that time, with all that standing helping in feeling more enthralled. And whenever either of us got tired, we'd just lean onto our kitchen counters or hop up to sit on them for a break.

But now, most of our time is spent plopped on the couch in our living room while watching tv. And sometimes I miss just hanging in the kitchen, standing around doing stuff. In general, and especially at bars, I like standing and being on my feet. It makes me feel more engaged with stuff.

Jess is away on vacation right now, and I've been trying to be good about not wasting too much time on tv. With the apartment to myself, I'm choosing to luxuriate in the ability to stay in today. And since I am not going to step foot outside of my place, standing in the kitchen while typing this helps in feeling more productive.


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