Sunday, February 14, 2021

Chapters chronicled here on this blog:
  1. Being 23 and in my last year of college. Interning for a TV company to then be promoted as a newly launching channel's programmer. I eventually left that job to finish my last semester of school. Also, being so closeted that I would quickly change the channel from Logo at a heartbeat if someone walked in my living room.
  2. My goal to work in publishing landing me on the business side of a food magazine. 
  3. Losing my job at said magazine before working front of house jobs. Then feeling burnt-out from working in the NYC food industry and abandoning everything to give it a try in Seoul. While there, I worked as a bartender in one of the city's gay areas while I struggled to find other jobs.
  4. Being told to leave Korea if I didn't enlist in the military by a certain deadline. Then heading to Thailand for what I thought would be a two month trip.
  5. Leaving Thailand after two years and living in Los Angeles for a short period.
  6. Returning to NYC to start over again. 
  7. Starting my freelance writing stuff. Then working in the industry while just trying to figure my shit out.
  8. Going to Seoul for a writing project, only to come back empty handed.
  9. Returning to NYC to start over again.
  10. Trying to figure stuff out again before eventually starting my current gig at the onset of the pandemic.

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