Friday, April 07, 2006


you know it's taking longer than i expected for me to adpat to the New York Times' new website. i find myself automatically X-ing my safari when i'm on it. all the stories seem so hard to find on it. and i'm not that interested in watching video clips. hopefully i'll get used to it soon.

so i just talked to my friend in alaska. he's probably my oldest friend, i've know him for ten years now. it's weird bc we talk only once or twice a year, but whenever we do it's so fucking natural and it's like we've been hanging out everyday. i say that's how you can tell who a true friend it. i told him about my new job, and that my plans to go back and visit him alaska are now not realistic since i'm tied dow to work.

i just finished writing up some work for this focus group i'm throwing for our channel. ugh, so much to do. but, "Happy happy!" that's what my boss says when he produces shows. before he yells action, he always says "HAPPY HAPPY!" to the talent. haha i love it.

anyhoo. that is all for today.

i can not wait until the weekend. now i realize why the weekend is so damn important. i actually kind of want to go out and have some fun, just because i feel like i need to relieve some stress. but you know what, we'll see...

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