Saturday, April 01, 2006

hip hop chow

ugh. just got home from a shoot about an hour ago. fucking was there from 10:30 to 7:30. so damn tired.

we went to this new restaurant off st. marks called Hip Hop Chow. the place is sort of like a mixture of soul food, southern food, and chinese food. the food there is amazing, soo fucking good. they have these scallops and babyback ribs with hoison sauce that just falls apart in your mouth off the bone. and the owner/head chef was pretty cool. he seems young and is one of the nicest guys ever. yeah, but we were there for so fucking long, i wanted to kill myself.

and god, i can't even begin to describe all the crazy and rude people there are out there. seriously, we're fucking trying to shoot a show and some fuckers just don't want to let us. one guy came up to our cameraman with this camcorder in his hand and he got about 3 inches from our cameraman's face and started to film him. we told him to fuck off but he just wouldn't go away, no joke. someone had to like push him off to the side and tell him to go fuck himself. and even during all this, he's trying to film that guy and thinks he's all funny and shit. so he finally leaves, and when he does he runs as fast as he can for some reason and then my boss comes back and said that 1, the guy reeked of alcohol, and 2, that the camcorder he has wasn't even on and looked like it was broken. WTF. seriously, crazy ass people in this city.

i've yet to tell any friends about this blog.

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