Sunday, April 02, 2006

blah 6

i have work tomorrow and i totally forgot that i have this report type thing to do for one of my bosses. thing is, we're trying to come up with the *CENSORED* logo, and he just me what the channel had come up with so far. i looked at them and only about 1 or 2 were really good, but other people in the office who aren't korean didn't like them. but as a korean american myself, i thought they were worthy of being the channel's logo. but yeah, my boss gave me the logos to take home and think about what would make it better. and i didn't even think about that shit until right now, and i don't feel like doing it so im kind of fucked.

yeah, i have about a month left at *CENSORED* and still haven't decided if i'm planning to stay or not. my wishes of getting the fuck out of nyc for the summer get weaker and weaker, realizing i have nowhere to really go. so yeah... sucks. ahh! i don't know, i really dont wanna stay but we'll see. and even if i do stay, i dont know if i wanna stay at *CENSORED*. its too much fucking work. yeah its cool to be there, but its not my passion so we'll see.

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