Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i can not wait until this week is over. stressssssssss. oh yes, the stress level has spiked, thanks to the launch of the channel being less than a week away.

so yeah. i was thinking today about the people who own the deli on the corner of my block. it's a Korean couple, and the dad is handicapped. it's sad to watch them at work because i just feel so helpless for them. and then they have young daughters who sometime hang around the store, and the whole picture just leaves me depressed. i think about this family's life, and all the struggles they go through. not to mention that when i went in the other day, they told me they got robbed days earlier.... i was just like, damn that sucks.

i try and go there as much as possible and buy everything i need, but in the end i just don't know how long they'll be open. hopefully it'll be for a long time. sometimes a grandma is at the store with them, just sitting there and watching the customers. i think about the life that she's had, growing up in Korea, and emigrating to the U.S. for a better life. did she ever imagine herself living like she does now? not that i am in any way putting it down, but i think it's not an ideal life that people dream about.

i'm very grateful that i've been able to have an education... to grow up in this country with the opportunities i have. if i had the decision to leave this country for a new country that my future kids would have a better life at, i don't know if i could do it.

therefore, i look up to all the immigrants out there. because in them, i see myself and the struggles that my parents went through.

okay, gonna go watch conan and get some sleep.

good night to whomever might be reading this...... SAY HI! (so i don't feel so alone)

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  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Let's try our best to stave off the loneliness.