Monday, June 26, 2006

the channel is launching on Tuesday... wow. i can't believe i'm saying that. june 27th 2006 will live in infamy in my life. i fucking can't wait to get this shit over with, for reals. i truly feel unhappy at the place i work, and already have my plans of quitting in my head. it's weird, i tell my friends about it and they all tell me how lucky i am, and how there's so many other people dying to be in my position, but i guess the passion isn't there for me. this is just a minor stop in my life, and i feel it's not fair to me, nor the company. someone who's absolutely passionate about all this should have the chance to be doing what i'm doing, and the company is more than entitled to having someone like that.

okay, no more fucking work talk. i'm still trying to figure out some plan to go somewhere in august, but i have no idea of where to do. fuck.

ok time for porn, folks.

just kidding. (actually i'm not).

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