Tuesday, June 27, 2006

wowee wow wow.

the channel is launching later tonight. i am so fucking excited that i can't even think. finallyyy, the day has come. i plan to get shitfaced tonight beyond comprehension, yay for me.

anyway, i found out i was in the korean paper in new york this past saturday. thing is, they fucking spelled my god damn name wrong, which i think is pretty hilarious. reminds of when i was interning at paper magazine, and they usually list the names of interns in the masthead. anyway, the first time my name was ever in the masthead of a magazine, this is what it said. "JHON SMITH." *NOT MY REAL NAME*

yeah, they fucking spelled my name wrong. it's tae damn it. so in this korean paper, they wrote "GHON SMITH." haha, i can't help but laugh at the whole situation, it's pretty funny.

i brought home a photocopy of the article, which my parents will see when they wake up in the morning. i got home after they went to bed and it's laying on our table in the living room. i hope they feel al little proud of me.

last night i had actual nightmares about work. i woke up about 4 times in a panic that i had programmed the channel incorrectly, and just freaked out about it. hmm, weird.

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