Friday, February 02, 2007

i'm at my aunt's house in hongdae, sleeping over because it's her birthday. i went to lotte department store today and bought her 2 bottles of really good wine, hoping she would enjoy them. my cousin told me my aunt couldn't drink, but i didn't really think it was as bad as it is.

today after dinner we had a few drinks in honor of her, and she literally had 1/2 a shot glass of beer and said she was drunk. HAHAHAHAHA. and then she said once in her life she took 3 shots of soju because she was at a wedding and went bananas from it, like off her rockers madwoman drunk. HAHAHAHAH. i know it's mean but i find it all so endearing. i love my aunt, she's funny.

oh and during our drinking session, at times it was really awkwardly silent and i really hate that. during one of our quiet spells, the most randomest thing happened. all of a sudden we hear the most awful and painful cries from outside the window of cats. obviously they were having sex, because... well that inhuman sound is known as the screeches cats make when they're mating. i don't know, i feel like it's just a known thing, no?

oh man i wanted to laugh so bad but i don't know if my relatives don't know what the sound is, or they just didn't think it was funny but none of them paid it any mind. i thought it was hilarious, and kept my eyes on the floor from busting out in laughter.

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