Wednesday, February 07, 2007

less is more.

sometimes i read some entries of mine and wonder if i was drunk or watching oprah when writing them, because they make absolutely no sense, are extremely superflous, and seem to just be bad writing overall. can i really make it in life as a writer?

who would trust me to ever edit anything, let alone an issue of highlights magazine?

since i fucking hate all my entries, i will keep this one nice and terse.

going to thailand on feb 25- march 3. this will be my first time in life ever going to somewhere tropical, i can finally get a tan.

going to japan on march 4- march 10. i am so fucking god damn motherfucking exciting.

i arrived to seoul on Dec 26, 2006. today it is february 8, 2007 and it has not rained a single day since i've been here.

a few days ago, my guy cousin from nyc says after 23 years that he finally notices i have a sort of "twang" to the way i talk. my response, "oh ghee i've never heard that in my life!"

buying thoughtful gifts for friends is hard.

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