Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i love me a good korean power ballad...

sorry that was random. anyhoo, i'm writing some short blurbs for the magazine i'm interning at, and my boss totally edits all my work to the point where i feel it's no longer mine. i dunno, i guess that's the world of publishing and the media but i can't but help feel sad sometimes. a sentence or angle i feel strongly about would be dismissed in a minute, and there's nothing i can do or say about. but hey, at least i'm getting published!

on another note, WHY THE FUCK WONT ANYONE HIRE ME?! i have tons of god damn professional experience and am fucking tired of interning, i'm so ready to work again. seriously, it's starting to get to me. i'm a normal, 24 y/o male (okay maybe that's subjective) but i know i'm a damn hard worker. fuck man. fuck fuck fuck. i can go crazy thinking about this so i will stop now.

had indian food again for dinner today. note to NYers who love indian food, baluchi's on 2nd ave and 6th is always 50% off. i go there all the time, the food is great! i definitely recommend the place.

after dinner i had 2 spoonfuls of this. my friend ate the rest.

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  1. I love Baluchi's too. I've been to the one in SoHo, midtown (low 30s on the east side), and the one you mentioned. My favorite one is the midtown brunch because it's cleaner, chic-er, and doesn't make you smell of Indian food when you leave the restaurant.