Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i didn't go to the park today for a run. instead i went to the gym, and boy was i glad i went.

i have a 2nd interview on monday with a national magazine. i'd be working in the photo department, but making only $7.15 an hour, and it's only until december. hmm, we'll see how that goes.


  1. Wow! Three celebrities in one day! That's gotta be a record. :-)

    John Mayer was probably listening to Jessica Simpson's old album.

  2. Oh and good luck on the job at the magazine.

  3. Hi Thwany..dropping by to say hi.. You saw John Mayer?? Wow.. If I were you, I would be running towards him and asking for his sign. :P I love his song.

    I agree with Ming. Perhaps he was listening to Jessica's old album lol.

    Good luck on the job too. :) Have a nice weekend.

  4. Hey Thwany, I told you I haven't forgotten about you, I'm never very far, it's just that sometimes I say too much, but it's all out of concern for another human being in need, I'm not a busy-body but sometimes it might seem that way, so I take a step back and shut-up for a bit. :o)
    Just wanted to say Good Luck for that second interview! Hope you land the job -it's probably not exactly what you want but it's a good idea to stick with it until another opportunity is at hand.
    I had to ask my 13 year old daughter Chloe who John Mayer is. Boy am I so last decade, urhhh..or that decade before!