Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's 3 am and i can't sleep.

went to the doctor today for an annual check up. among many things- i was able to: finally get my balls checked, submit my blood to get some tests done, and talked about my insmonia. i told him i've had sleeping issues since i was in junior high school. my doctor suggested i stop stressing about things and i should be able to sleep better. how exactly am i supposed to go about doing that? i need to move out at the end of april. moving is annoying. i'm tired of living with strangers. i have no idea what i'm going to do. i'm living one day at a time. the gym is boring, i enjoy running outdoors instead. i need to buy new running sneakers. i am so broke. buying halal food is a splurge. eating at rare work events is what i look forward to or else it's yogurt/miso soup/tofu for me. being poor is the best diet supplement ever! i can't believe it's past 3 and i can't sleep. i want to call in sick tomorrow. work is okay. all i can do is envision my future, but i'm still not sure what that is. i feel so lonely. i need companionship. last friday night, i realized that are some things that you don't even want to tell your best friend. some things are better left unknown. i need to get some sleep in order to function tomorrow.


  1. ambien does wonders..otherwise decaf tea

  2. your doctor's advice reminds me of all those scientology tables in the subway asking if you want a "stress test." Like I need a test to tell if I'm stressed.