Monday, June 09, 2008

you know i used to dislike the thought of having to go to weddings.

i know many people will disagree with me, but as a gay man, weddings don't really do much for me. i don't go with any hopes of getting ideas for my future wedding, or having a wedding of my own to compare it to. it was just another social event that i had to go to and sit through. then i realized how much of a selfish asshole i was being, and came to see that weddings are a beautiful and joyous occasion where i should feel incredibly lucky to witness the union of a marriage, and what will hopefully be the beginning of a long and happy lifelong partnership.

the wedding i went to this past weekend was for someone who i've been friends with since junior high school. my best friends judy and jess were in the bridal party, so it was nice to to be with friends and also see people i haven't talked to in years. my other friend grace went as my date, (she's the girl in the jumper), and we drove out to the outdoor wedding in long island with my other friend susy. the ceremony was at noon and outdoors in the 95 degree heat and i have to admit that even though i could barely open my eyes because of the glaring sun, once we moved inside, the reception was great and we all had a fun time.

ps- don't you like my tie?


  1. u go to a lot of weddings.

  2. the tie was smokin! not sure if you do it justice though... blah!

  3. It looked like a beautiful wedding. The bride is gorgeous.

    Dang boy, you got itty bitty eyes. :-) Love the close up photo of your face. You take good photos.

  4. Nice tie, Thwany and you look GREAT! and I agree with Ming, The close up photo of you is really nice. I'm glad you had fun after all ;o)

  5. OMG... some credit to the tie producer would be in order... please!!!