Thursday, July 31, 2008

whenever there's a birthday in the office, we always get crumbs cupcakes. you would think that for an epicurean magazine, we'd get a little bit more creative every now and then with the celebratory food... but we normally don't. however, the other day we did go to 'wichcraft for ice cream sandwiches in bryant park since it's only a block away. they were made out of fresh strawberry ice cream with either an oatmeal or chocolate shell and honestly, they were not that good.

anyhoo, all this got me thinking and i told some of my closer coworkers that for my next birthday, i'd like a big mac with a candle in it because as a fat girl at heart, i love me a fucking big mac. so do away with all your fancy sweets, and give me a number one with a candle instead, and that'll be the best birthday ever.


  1. I have to admit, I am a burger snob! I love a big fat, juicy burger, cooked rare (moo-ing cow rare) and served with cheddar and bacon on a toasted bun.