Saturday, August 02, 2008

spending the first night in a new apartment is always a weird feeling. i keep glancing out my window and it's odd how all my surroundings seem so unfamiliar. i know that in a week or two, this place will feel like home but tonight is my first night and i feel like a stranger in someone else's house. DUMBO is a great neighborhood though. after two months of thinking and worrying about my next apartment and where i'm going to live, it feels so good to finally settle in and know that i won't have to think about moving for awhile (at least i hope not). i walked around the area today and there's so many great little shops and other things to do. the view of the east river is absolutely breathtaking at times and the river cafe and the brooklyn ice cream factory is a short walk away. i'm hoping to take advantage of the great view by going for a run tomorrow. the cobblestone streets might be a killer on my feet, but we'll see how it goes. after that, i've definitely got to go and find an air conditioner for my room. once i get that, i'll be all set.


  1. Congratulations on the new apartment. Fall will be here soon so you won't need an A/C for much longer.

  2. congrats, I love Dumbo.