Wednesday, December 03, 2008

it's funny because i think about stuff to blog about throughout the day, but when i get home --- i never remember any of it. my memory is shot to hell.

one thing i will write about are my morning commutes to work. all i can say is, what the fuck? i swear, there are so many idiots who don't know how the hell to act on the damn subway. one thing that drives me bonkers is when two people are standing in front of the doors of the subway cart, and when the doors open and close, they just fucking stand there and don't move when you try to get on or off. because of these two idiots, everyone has to squeeze in between this tiny space --- and this is all during morning rush hour. why stand in front of the doors if you got on the train in brooklyn and you're getting off at bryant park? makes absolutely no sense. if you're getting off in a stop or two, that's fine --- but to stand there and put up with people squeezing in between your stupid ass for 25 minutes? that my friend, makes you a god damn idiot.

one more thing about the subway --- why the hell do people lay really bad farts on crowded subways? like, seriously? you couldn't take a shit before you left your house or just squeeze your asshole shut until you got off the train? that is just unpleasant for everyone.

blah. nyc subways are dirty, annoying, and sometimes just one big underground urinal, but i still love it. nothing beats nyc subways.

aside from that rant, work is the same --- busy as always. the apt is good as well. i've been having people over constantly and usually just cook for them. i now love cooking. my favorite game to play on a daily basis is, "what the hell can i make for dinner with the shit in my cupboard?" and i'm not talking about chef boyardee (which i love but it's so bad for you) or hungry man tv dinners (which i love but it's so bad for you), but actual cooking! that means i chop up fresh produce, season stuff to taste with fresh pepper and sea salt, use white wine to cook, and have to actually work for my meals. i never really started cooking until now because all the past apartments i lived in had disgusting and shitty ass kitchens. my kitchen now is still even pretty small and nothing fancy, but all the appliances work and there aren't roaches watching me cook as they chill in my dishes --- i feel so spoiled.

i also have no tv or internet, so i don't have much else to do when i'm home. all my guests are forced to sit together and have an actual conversation without any distractions. i know, cruel right? but hey, i don't plan to get a tv or maybe even internet anytime soon and would rather have great conversation any day. my guests just have to deal with it.


  1. the most vulgar, I mean, in your blog only, description of NYC subway.
    But very accruately depicted...

    For cooking, there is another world you can find in cooking,
    there are tons, Jamil Oliver, Hell Ktichen(I do not know the name of a guy who swears all the time)

    pictures, are they mostly Korean ladies?

  2. people seem to just be stupid when it comes to common courtesy.

  3. i think i need to be constantly surrounded by people

  4. if an "excuse me" doesn't move them outta the way, you gotta try the coughing-a-lot tactic. i've noted that when you hack up really loudly as if you have TB, at least the slow-walking people in front of you move out of your way. maybe it can work for getting into the subway?

  5. lol...a urinal...i can feel ur pain nobody wants to be irritated on the way to work early in the morning, it was bad enough getting up on time when u still felt like sleeping :o)

    Thanx for droppin by my blog, got new posts...check it out

  6. I would totally do well at one of your dinner parties ;-)


  7. Do you really need glasses OR are those just your Superman disguise?

  8. I like farting in crowd.

    it makes me feel special