Friday, December 05, 2008

last night, my college had an alumni holiday party at tom colicchio's restaurant, craftbar, on broadway and off of 20th. i went with one of my only college friends, magali. i only have two friends from college --- one lives in l.a. and is doing the whole acting thing and mags lives in new york on and off. it's funny because magali is my only college friend i chill with, and i'm the same for her. we both had no other friends from school and don't keep touch with anyone at all except for our favorite college professor.

last night was one of those amazingly crazy and surreal nights in life that i probably won't forget.

magali and i get to craftbar and we get in line for coat check. then we head downstairs to the private room and we start drinking the free shit and eating the free food. we were both anticipating the arrival of our favorite college professor, whom i hadn't see in 2 years. so our former professor gets there, and it was really great seeing him and catching up on our lives. he is one of the most downest, wisest, and awesome professors i've ever had in my life. i respect him so much. it was also interesting because i saw him featured in this story late last year in the now folded (almost) men's vogue, and was so shocked that i did a double-take when i saw it. then months later, his writing started to appear in the magazine and i couldn't believe that it was actually him sharing so much great shit in these stories. i really missed him, so it was so good to see him again last night.

soon after, that's when the craziness of the night really started. to make a short story very short, mags and i met this crazy, weird ass lang alumni guy and we ended up chilling with him all night. it was just one of those crazy ass moments in life where i'm like, "i'm definitely going to be telling the story of this night to other people for the rest of my life," especially at parties haha.

i got four hours of sleep last night, and i can definitely feel that i am not in my young twenties anymore. you go to love life, right? it throws you these crazy changes but you learn to be happy with everything.

below are a few photos mags and i took. i'm kind of reluctant to post a picture of our new college alum friend we made, because honestly i don't know if i believe any of the shit he said last night. don't get me wrong, he was a fun guy to chill with and seemed nice, but something about him was also definitely just off. and i'm not just talking about off, i'm talking like off-the-wall-off.


  1. Mag - she's cute.

    New friend - WTF?!?!

  2. Sounds like a killer party! Glad you had a good night. You deserve it.


  3. this guy has fun written all over his face

  4. thanks for your comments - funny (i.e. the booty)