Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i'm not sure how to tell my parents that i got laid off.

i usually call my parents at least 3 times a week from my office around lunchtime. the calls are usually brief, but it gives us enough time to catch up and to basically let them know that i'm still alive and doing okay. it's funny because my mom always talks about how proud she is of me, and how she's always showing off to the customers at her store that her son is working for x magazine and doing x with his life. i know they won't be mad at me for getting laid off, but i know they'll just be very disappointed and distraught in general about the situation.

fuck, who knows what the hell will happen.


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I just started to see your blog on and off and sorry to remain myself anonymous..Anyway same here..how in this world just got me laid-off and I have no clue either how to tell my parents....

  2. dang. i'm sorry to hear that...

    i got friends being laid off left and right... it's rather unsettling.

    chin up buddy, it's going to be a rough ride... but you still got loving family to have your back.

  3. i can totally relate to the fact that you don't want to "disappoint" your folks....

    but as you say- it's not your fault that you're being laid off.

    anyway- hope you find a new job soon!

  4. =O You got laid off? So sorry to hear that man. Don't worry. It'll be ok. But remember, if you want another job, looking for one is a full-time job too. You shud still be up from 9-to-5 looking thru classifieds, networking, pimping out cover letters and resumes. I can't believe I'm trying to give you advice when I'm stuck working in my hell-hole...the life of a student. Anyways, I heard those tips from Good Morning America one morning while having breakfast. So yeah, don't give up. But work hard to find the next step to you your dreams!