Thursday, September 24, 2009

i have to admit that i've been really bad with taking cabs home for the past month or so. i usually end work late and just don't feel like dealing with the subways all the way back to brooklyn so i just ride a yellow cab home.

i got home about an hour or so and because i ended work late and wound up having a few drinks with my coworkers, i rode a cab home. the interesting part is, as i was exiting my cab at the stoplight near my apt in brooklyn, i totally saw this chick alone in another cab that's stopped at the same light---and she was leaning her head out the window of the back right-side seat and very slowly and surreptitiously vomiting out the window. the window was half-way down and her mouth is barely reaching the top, yet she's still quietly dripping her vomit down the glass and side of the car. the cab driver had no idea she was doing this, and by the look on the girl's face, i don't think she realized what she was doing either---i looked at her face and man, she was fucked up.

holy shit, that gave me a good laugh.