Saturday, September 26, 2009

i am a kid of the 90's.

i absolutely love 90's music (mostly everything before 1997) and i've always listened to korean pop music my whole life and enjoy korean music even now, which means i fucking love 90's korean music.

my favorite all time korean group for the rest of my life will always be Roo'Ra (룰라). growing up, i was fucking obsessed with them and their music, especially their second, third and fourth albums. they had some stylistic and member changes after that, but none of it compared to their 2nd (1995), 3rd (1995) and 4th (1006) albums---for real, THEY'RE THE SHIT. listening to them now, sure, i admit that a lot of their songs sound like rip-offs of american songs, but i don't care they're still the shit. i will never change my opinion about roo'ra, their music really means a lot to me.

each one of their albums that i love brings back happy memories of where i was living and how my life was at that time. i moved around a lot as a kid and had a million other weird issues but listening to roo'ra always made me feel very happy.

the following roo'ra albums will ALWAYS be classics to me.

*i am aware and saw their recent comeback, but refuse to acknowledge that it happened due to the fact that it was really bad.

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  1. While I truly despised K pop back in the 90's, I will agree that the nostalgia of 90's music does stay with me now. Songs that I laughed at during then present times, I find have increased in entertainment and sentimental value. Anyway. Long as we don't go back to the 90's haircuts, we should all be good, right? =]