Saturday, July 24, 2010

what is it with people who can't understand the concept that all human beings are different and that it's not necessarily a negative thing?

yes, it's a very simple notion, and that's why it's even more frustrating and annoying that ignorant/provincial folks just don't seem to get it.

think of life as an equation. in our own individual lives, aka math problems, we're trying to figure out the right numbers, factors and components that will lead us to that ultimate solution to the equation. whether we're adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing or whatever, we all use the same numbers and systems.

however, that doesn't mean that each equation is ever the same because all of our desired solutions are different. some seem more complicated and some are more simpler than others and then as individuals with our own personalities, we add our own elements that represent ourselves. some of us use oxford legal notepads, and some of use bar napkins to write on. some of us have impeccably legible handwriting, and some of us have really bad chicken-scratch handwriting. some of use an abacus (okay maybe only asian people a long time ago), and some of use an expensive texas instrument calculator. some of us like permanent sharpies, and some of us prefer pencils with erasers. some of us will only use the colors black or blue, and some of us will spray paint with bright colors. some of us cheat, and some of us are adamant on figuring it out on our own. some of us are good in math and enjoy it, while some of us (like myself) really hate it and would rather write an essay---i'll stop here but you get what i'm saying.

my point is, when the math problem is finally completed and you look at it in its entirety, no two will ever be alike and that's totally okay because that's fucking life. so why is it that certain people feel the need for themselves and the rest of their surrounding world to fall into their own version of the boring ass equation of 1 + 1 =2 written on white paper with a black pen?

even if they don't embrace the differences in people, i would hope that as a fellow human being that these idiots would acknowledge that they are no better or worse than them, just different.

being in korea, i get frustrated sometimes because i've heard people sometimes say stuff that is blatant ignorance and generalizing. it's so ridiculous that i have to laugh it off in my head and i don't let it upset me and just choose not to waste my time with people like that. i guess it just makes me sad that some people will never learn or grow by meeting someone who's completely different from what they're used to. i'm not saying they have to be best friends, but just opening up the door a little can let a smell, sound or light that they've never experienced before come through.

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