Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the bar i work at is in a triangular shape in the third floor of a building, and the largest wall is comprised of window from the halfway point and up. the view is of a busier intersection in the low-key neighborhood, which is again one of the two largest gay sections in seoul, and i can always see drunk dudes outside showing pda, trying to hail a cab, knocked-out cold on the floor, vomiting, or stumbling like they're about to pass out from alcohol poisoning. anyway, gaping out windows in general is a favorite personal past-time of mine and i do admit there are instances when i mindlessly daydream and lose a sense of where i am for a moment.

sometimes my boss notices me aimlessly gazing into nothing outside the window, and he always asks what i'm so deep in thought about. 99% of the time, i'm usually thinking about how i wish i had more job options in seoul and didn't have to work for chump change and feel like a low-budget escort---but i always respond to him with a sigh and comforting, "oh, nothing."

on a side note, i'm going on a date tomorrow with another guy who asked for my number the other night. he came in with a friend and gave me and my coworker these cupcakes that were so beautiful that i didn't want to ruin them by eating it. then he eventually ended up asking me out. from the brief conversations we did have, he's 24, is studying tourism, and has worked in the kitchen of a bakery for the past six years. i doubt it'll go past the first date (because i have commitment issues and am a serial dater) but i guess we'll see.


  1. ming the mericless7:08 PM

    Good luck on the date. Hope you get to eat the cake and keep it too. *wink*

  2. Aww...I'd have to admit, that was pretty sweet of the guy to give you a cupcake. Good luck on your date. =)

  3. aww have fun with your date. i always find myself gazing out a window.

  4. здорово пишешь!))

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    bow chicka chicka wow wow

    :P hopin for a blog about some action with this baker in training