Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just because my blog is desperately void of images, here are some taken from my shitty camera phone.

the buses and subways in seoul don't run from midnight-5am, so sometimes i'm forced to drink until the wee hours of the morning since i can't be riding taxis home all the time. my boss took me and my coworker out for some good old soju last night after we closed the bar. the neighborhood where i work has this one street that's lined with street-food-vendors and you basically can sit there, eat some good korean food and drink lots of soju while having good conversation (this especially is my favorite way to drink). while there's countless other busy streets in seoul lined with these sort of places to eat and drink, what's different about this particular street of establishments is that all the customers at these street-food-vendors are gay. it's fun to people watch at these places and all the older women who run these stands are gay-friendly so the environment is comfortable. i've also been told that if you go alone, some of the ladies will even introduce you to other customers and try to play matchmaker.

anyway, this is me drunk and wasted on the bus going home this morning at 6am.


  1. i love drunk self portraits! sounds like a very cool place to eat after drinking, btw.

  2. U LOOK like u lost some weight :D and drunk still

  3. I really like the pattern on your blouse, hah.
    Lol, love your expression on those pictures.


  4. junho5:57 PM

    stop pretending to be hardcore ur gonna get wrinkles

  5. ming the merciless7:11 PM

    I know it may not sound like it right now but this is an opportunity of a life time. How many people (Korean-Americans, non-Koreans) do you know have worked and lived in Seoul, Korea for an extended period of time?

    Imagine the stories you can tell when you are a dirty ole man. :)

    Glad you found a job and are making friends.