Monday, February 21, 2011

as an avid news junky and someone who appreciates network news, i don't know why i was never exposed to al jazeera while in nyc.

since arriving in bangkok, i've discovered the greatness of al jazeera and can't believe i haven't had access to it until now. when i'd watch network news back in nyc, i can recall that al jazeera was used as a source on a lot of stories, but never knew their was an english language version or that its view was so unbiased. the channel's reporting is really good, and they have a global range of stories on a regular basis. however, naturally most of the channel has been dedicated to the middle east in the past weeks to cover what will always be noted as a historical turning point of the region. there's nothing more exciting than watching a news channel as "BREAKING NEWS" loudly screams at you on the bottom half of the tv screen. al jazeera is normally an arabic-language news network based in doha, quatar, and i definitely feel that it has the best coverage of what's been happening in tunisia, egypt, and now libya. also, they frequently have exclusive content, sources and experts on that none of the other news networks seem to give a shit about. thankfully they don't have any useless filler stories about celebrities or bullshit that are peppered in between their major headlines.

thank you to al jazeera for providing such a great service during the birthing phase of democracy and freedom in these particular middle east nations.

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  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    al jazeera is ANYTHING BUT unbiased.