Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i don't own a lot of clothes because i hate owning shit, and for most of the stuff i do have, they're things i love and will wear until there's only enough thread to cover one testicle.

one of my favorite shirts i own is this black anna sui t-shirt. my best friend judy is a designer there. this shirt from 4 years ago is one of my most prized possessions. i especially love it because the girl in the illustration looks like my friend judy, so i call it "my judy-t." however, i'm sad to say that after years of wear, the t-shirt is slowly succumbing to the hands of time. i try not to wear it out too much anymore in order to elongate its life, but then i have days that call for it.

since i was so far away from all my friends back home in nyc for my bday, i decided to wear it out the other day. here i am at a buddhist temple, praying for good luck and fortune to start off 28 on the right path.

it's also NY fashion week this week, and i'm sad that i'll be missing this season's show. good luck judy, love you.


  1. i have still yet to make my way to thailand! i was talking to my mama, i think i might go later this year :-)

  2. Cute shirt!! I miss NYC and NYFW too. :(

  3. Looking good in that shirt!