Friday, March 11, 2011

i ain't going to lie, sometimes i get the urge to just paint my toenails. i've done it twice before where i just do it and erase it right after, but i don't think i'm gonna find any 24hour duane reades in bangkok that carry a selection of nail polish removers. one of the main reasons why i even think about this shit is because my sisters used to do it all the time when i was a kid and it's no big deal to me. so what if the smell of nail polish remover reminds of being a kid and watching my sisters do it? actually, i don't remember if i ever watched them and am certain i never made myself obsessively study their technique or anything. i just always remember them painting them and all those products scattered around the house. you might be thinking, why the hell do i even own nail polish? to be honest i would never go and pay money for this sorta stuff. my friend judy gave it to me and it's from her work, so it has sentimental value. this urge is not an everyday thing, but pretty sporadic, actually. it's just when i'm alone, i feel like painting them. i guess the internet wasn't around back then as well.


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Dude u just inspired my last post. And I just decoded the meaning behind "Thwany"

    Thailand & New York = WINNING!!

    i love a dude that knows a thing or two about nail polish. What color did you paint your nales(fml..i need to read more) i meant to write nails..

  2. what a coincidence...a few days ago, my sister just paid my left toe nail with lime green, green and purple lines, and gold dots at the tip. i guess i should sleep with one eye open.

  3. My friend and I used to do that too. She would "test" the colors on my toes and I even wore clear nail polish on my finger nails for over a month. It's no biggie, really.

  4. nuttinbuhpearls7:58 PM

    what about the pearl-ended needles from corsages??