Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm pretty sure i have a spirit/ghost that's been following me for a few years now.

i can't even remember when this first started, but for at least the past five years or so, there have been countless times where i've been standing on a subway platform back in nyc and i would feel this sudden tug on my bag. it always comes from behind, so i would quickly turn to see who the hell is tugging at me but there would be no one there. it always just made me think "what the fuck" because it was so random. i often doubted myself as well and questioned if i actually felt anything because there's no way anyone could disappear from behind me that fast.

then i started watching this reality show called psychic kids and it completely made me believe in spirits and all that stuff.

anyway, so i was walking down the street today right near my soi and i totally felt the tug again. before today, i honestly can't remember if it's happened since i left nyc almost a year ago, but it's so weird for it to take place here.

i like to think that maybe it's trying to protect me and keep me from harm? but regardless, i definitely believe it exists.

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  1. Yeah, I too have a spirit following me but Monsieur Saint Laurent is too dandy to not be haunted by him. I welcome him. I'm still waiting on him to come find me with Lee McQueen soon or else I will not share my macaroons with him ever again. Spirits can be soo annoying. Hah.