Friday, August 05, 2011

since i'm always on the hunt for good quality music from the 90's, i recently discovered Deee-Lite's first album, World Clique, and fell head-over-heels in love with it. of course "Groove Is In the Heart" is the group's most well-known and defining song, but the rest of the tracks on this album are also good and for the most part even better. i love the sound of the whole album, the beats are simple without any useless distractions---listening to it makes me think of how it would have been if i went out and partied at downtown nyc clubs in the early 90's. some of my more favorite tracks that i recommend are "Deep Ending" and "E.S.P."


  1. Way to go to dig out the nostalgic trip =]

  2. Groove is in the heart is the jammy jam and I'm so happy you love 90s music too. Remember

  3. BEST ALBUM EVER! Groove is in the heart is my go to song in the club. Like it just makees you happy, and want to dance.

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