Saturday, November 26, 2011

it's saturday night.

i don't mind staying in alone because i'm used to it, but it would nice to at least have some company or veg out at someone's place. no complaints from me though, i'm more than happy to stay in most of the times---i just wish i had people to stay in with every now and then.

so on thanksgiving, a good friend said she'd join me for dinner. this was her first time celebrating the holiday because she's not american, and even though we ended up at a sort of random buffet, the food that was there was still pretty good and it was nice and low-key as well. she had a great time and we both left nice and full, so we decided to walk back to my place. that was a good hour's walk through central bangkok, and it was good to just talk the whole way back.

here are some photos she took with her iphone during dinner. unfortunately, she doesn't want to send me any of the photos with her in it and these are all i have to remember to night by.


  1. happy thanksgiving thawny!!

  2. this dinner looks legit! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. It looks like a pretty traditional Thanksgiving meal to me. I assume that's chicken and not turkey on the place.