Tuesday, November 22, 2011

while i still enjoy living here in thailand, i think the holidays have sort of got me feeling all sentimental.

i did some research and there are some thanksgiving restaurant happenings going on in bangkok, but i'm still on the fence about where to go. the best option seems to be a buffet at this nice hotel, but i'm not a big buffet guy and plus i'd be alone. then i'd have to carry my shit every time i'd get up for a new plate of food on top of feeling like i have to eat as much as i can to get my money's worth, and then i'd most likely start to do some emotional eating.

it would be nice to have some close american friends here in thailand but i'll figure it out. being alone on the holidays is not a big deal because i could always just call my family and friends to bother them that way. to anyone who is traveling or returning back to your home towns for the holidays, i can't even imagine how chaotic some of airports might be. but safe travels and i hope you have a great holiday with your loved ones.

all this holiday nostalgia had me looking through my old photos just now and i found the following that were taken a few days before i left NYC one and a half years ago---it's hard to believe that i've been away from the city, my friends and life for this long. sometimes i question what i've got to show for the past 18 months, but that's a whole other monster. anyway, these photos were taken after i got off of my shift at the east village restaurant i used to work at. my friends picked me up and we goofed around out front while eating some cookies before we went off to dance. in the last photo, junho and myself are posing like that to make fun of judy's posing haha.

so while i miss new york, i'm still liking bangkok and am content being here at this very moment of my life. i think after i get some turkey on thursday and wake up on friday morning, everything will return to its normal, tropical self.

happy thanksgiving, america!


  1. we don't celebrate it here in the uk but there is tones of yanks who do!

  2. Belated Happy Thanksgiving, Thwany.