Tuesday, April 24, 2012

today, i was tutoring a student and after i took one sip of the water his mother gave me, i could feel my stomach gurgle.

now i have to add that to the list of things i'm unable to drink here. it's odd though because i used to drink her water without any problems, but lately i've been having some issues with consuming stuff that makes me feel ill. i sort of think it has to do with my body changing a bit with age because there are definitely a few other minor things going on as well. or maybe homegirl just needs to clean her water filter.

another change i noticed about my body is i get goosebumps really easily. i'll be talking about or explaining the most mundane thing, and all of a sudden all the hairs on my body rise and i have goosebumps everywhere. it's comical because no matter what i'm talking about, it can suddenly feel really notable or important. what does it all mean.

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