Wednesday, August 29, 2012

“I’ve had one motto that I’ve always lived by: dignity, always dignity.” 

Said by the character Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly, in the movie Singin’ In the Rain.

I just watched this movie for the first time in my life the other night. And, words can’t describe how amazing it was. I don’t really enjoy musicals in particular that much, but a well-made movie is a well-made movie—and Singin’ In the Rain definitely falls under that category. It doesn't happen much, so I appreciated that I really was able to completely lose myself in the film, and even the fact that I’m living in Thailand or that I was watching it on my bed with my laptop slipped my mind for most of the duration.

The thought of my mother being 60 this year---in addition to Singin’ In the Rain celebrating its 60th anniversary this year---also helped me wonder about how life would’ve been like watching it in the theatres at that time. If I was a little kid back then, I think I would’ve gone apeshit because it’s such a great experience. The actors are just perfect for their roles, the musical numbers are fun and heartfelt, the comedy of the film is hilarious, and some parts were even sort of trippy with different colors and other cool visuals.

I had never watched a film with Gene Kelly before, so I was just in awe of his talent. I have to say though that my eyes were more drawn to Donald O’Conner instead because oh man, he's just so physical with his talent. He’s singing and smiling and dancing and jumping and all this other crazy shit in every dance number---and while Gene Kelly is also doing the same, Donald O'Conner is more of the comic relief of the movie and so his slapstick definitely comes through as a little more zealous. And Debbie Reynolds was just spectacular. She was so beautiful and her voice and dancing made me so happy. I first came to know her more as Grace’s mother from the sitcom Will & Grace, and she was hilarious and perfect in that role as well. My favorite line of hers from one of her episodes was when Grace’s younger sister complains about something being unfair, and then Debbie Reynolds’s character said, “And so is my cottage cheese ass!” That still gets me every time—even just thinking about it makes me chuckle. Watching her in Singin’ In the Rain while knowing what she would be capable of many decades later, made it so evident that she’s such a talented and special person. 

Anyway, if you're looking for a family-friendly and all-around-fun and good-quality movie experience, check out Singin' In the Rain on its 60th anniversary---I can definitely understand why it's such a classic and will remain timeless forever. 

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