Friday, October 19, 2012

I love my studio apartment here in Bangkok.

Its location is within the heart of the city, and walking to Central World is just a short distance away. I have a small balcony that faces Petchaburi and Wireless Road so it's nice to watch all the busy traffic that is pretty much there all day and night. I'm within close reach of both the BTS and MRT, and for the BTS skytrain, passing by the British and Swiss Embassies are a part of the walk home from my stop. Sukhumvit can be reached by foot within ten minutes from my place to have a coffee at my skytrain stop, Phleon Chit. And in addition to having a Dean & Deluca at it, there's also an Apple store, 7-11, shabu-shabu restaurant and other types of businesses. The motorcycle-taxi guys on my soi can go basically anywhere since we're already downtown, so taking one to Asok or Pra Ram 9 isn't that expensive. The layout of my place is pretty small, but it's simple and perfectly cozy for just one person. All four pieces of furniture---bed, clothes-dresser, fridge, and armoire---were provided by my building, and I have to pay a small amount extra each month for my small refrigerator because it's optional. The only thing in here I myself purchased was a cheap stool so I could have something to sit on while I use the clothes-dresser as a desk for my laptop. My bathroom is bare and spacious, and opening my balcony door and window at the same time usually lets in a nice breeze if the weather isn't too hot. I'm grateful that my neighbor is respectful and not loud, because there are some assholes on my floor that are insanely noisy. My apartment is also located on the corner of the top floor of my building, so it's great not to be surrounded by neighbors on all sides. However, the one thing I do wish I had at my place is a kitchen because I really miss cooking for myself and even being able to prepare simple things. But then I realized that it's much better that I don't have a kitchen because its enabled me to make Thai street food a part of my everyday life. 

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  1. Sounds awesome. Small spaces and sparse furnishing give you so much more appreciation for life. I am a firm believer in minimalism.